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Claire's ability is regeneration, which means that her cells are constantly regenerating and renewing, meaning she heals from anything and therefore will never truly die. She often refers to herself and her ability as simply 'regen' and also is quick to boast the benefits of her ability. She's tired of trying to be 'normal' and is finally embracing who she is. Since her encounter with Sylar during which he cut open her skull to take her ability, Claire has been unable to feel pain, a condition which she considers to be a blessing and a curse.
Minor injuries, Claire doesn't feel at all. Gunshots are annoying, they don't hurt, but having a foreign object inside you isn't exactly comfortable, and the force of the initial blow can knock the wind out of her. Broken bones are also uncomfortable, because bones are made to be in one piece. This is especially true for compound breaks. Dislocations feel funny, like the limb is jello, and being impaled sucks balls. Pain or not, it simply doesn't feel good to have something in your body that doesn't belong. Crushing is uncomfortable, especially if it impedes breathing. Falling from high places doesn't feel all that awesome either.

Technically, she doesn't need to sleep, but because her body is constantly regenerating, she sleeps a lot. She likes sleeping. She also eats like a horse because of all the energy her body consumes. She generally eats like crap, too, just because she can and because pancakes >>>>> salad. How I play Claire in general: My head-canon for Claire is pretty much canon except for one major thing. She was given to the Bennet family as a baby, they raised her as their own. Noah's then-partner with the Company, Claude Rains, was around a lot when Claire was young, and Claire developed a close bond with him. Then Claude had gotten discovered by the Company and Noah had to shoot him, naturally Rains didn't come around anymore. Claire was crushed. She'd always told her mother that she was going to marry Claude someday, and Sandra just brushed it off as Claire having a little-girl-crush. Which, it pretty much was. In verses where she doesn't see Claude again, she mostly just misses him very deeply and there are no romantic feelings. In Twitter!verse, she tried to tell him how she felt and it was all very awkward and sad.

I know I tend to play her a bit on the cracky side, I'm well aware of this. My Claire is an insatiable flirt and is a bit obsessed with unicorns and magic. Again, I feel it sets her apart. I'm not trying to shy away from canon, I just figure it's a way to be different without totally changing her as a character. The baking thing is totally based in canon, she makes cupcakes with her mom, and I imagine that baking with Sandra is an common activity for Claire. In my mind, Claire has a lot of recipes that Sandra made for her growing up, and plans on using them in her bakery.

Fourth-walling: I'd prefer to have Claire treated as a real person and not a character on a television show. That being said, it's possible that she could be recognized by characters in "real world" settings because of her Ferris wheel jump. I'm leaving the possibility open that it might be on YouTube and people could have seen it. Or, of course, if they saw the original broadcast, since it was live television. Also, those in law enforcement might be familiar with the Sylar case, and perhaps could have seen her name connected with it, as well as Sylar's attack on Homecoming at Claire's school in Odessa. Military/government characters might hav heard of Building 26 and might have heard about the project rounding up specials. Totally up to you if you're going to thread with Claire, but I just wanted to put out some guidelines.
AIM: indestructigirlx - feel free to add and message just please let me know who you are ahead of time. I confuse easily. :3 I am open to RPing on AIM as well.  Just ask!

Basics and quick info:
∅ I'm always on the lookout for new verses and new threads, so feel free to contact me if you have any questions or ideas.

∅ I am usually too shy to initiate anything because I don't want to seem pushy, but I'm more than happy to work something out with an interested party.
∅ I love crossovers and crack so bring that on if you've got it as well.
∅ I'm willing to play Claire sans abilities, I tend to use her ability as a personality crutch and would like to have a chance to break away from that.
∅ I've no problems with smut, I like it!
∅ I prefer het but really, I'm not too picky as long as there's chemistry and we can make it make sense.
∅ Sometimes I'm a slash fail, the pronouns scare me, but feel free to poke me if I start slacking.
∅ If I ever give you a tag you're not satisfied with, let me know and I'll change whatever's not cool with you.
∅ All in all, I'm pretty zen and I'm open for anything so feel free to hit me up if you want to get something started.


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