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vanilla / romance
moderate bdsm / light violence
age differences
size / height differences
female ejaculation
creampies / cumshots
cliche porn tropes (doctor, teacher, cop, boss, etc.)
voyeurism / exhibitionism (public sex!)
secret affairs
spanking & hairpulling
dirty talk
sex work
cyber or phone sex
crossdressing (specifically men in panties or lingerie)

bathroom stuff
extreme gore / vore
unrealistically huge cocks 

Claire is canonically bisexual, so she is attracted to both men and women including transgender men and women. And she's pretty open-minded, so it's well within reason to expect she'd be attracted to those who fall outside of the binary as well. In canon she is not experienced at all with sex - though after writing her for so long (seven years!) she can be written as experienced or not depending on the scenario at hand. 

She's fiercely independent and doesn't respond well to authority, so it may be hard to dominate her completely. If she trusts her partner she may be willing to give up control, or she could be coerced to do so in some way. Or she could simply be feeling reckless and self-destructive as she has a habit of behaving and might simply be looking for both an adrenaline and sexual rush. But she isn't very dominant herself, even if she does have something of a commanding presence at times. She could learn to be more dominant in time within an established relationship.

Her ability of regeneration lends her nearly superhuman physical stamina, the ability to heal from almost any injury, and the inability to feel pain. The latter, however, can be waived for AU purposes if it's something that will make a thread more interesting. Because of this, she may be interested in seeking out more extreme sexual activities. 

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Info about her ability, head-canon, 4th-walling and AIM. )
Basics and quick info:
∅ I'm always on the lookout for new verses and new threads, so feel free to contact me if you have any questions or ideas.

∅ I am usually too shy to initiate anything because I don't want to seem pushy, but I'm more than happy to work something out with an interested party.
∅ I love crossovers and crack so bring that on if you've got it as well.
∅ I'm willing to play Claire sans abilities, I tend to use her ability as a personality crutch and would like to have a chance to break away from that.
∅ I've no problems with smut, I like it!
∅ I prefer het but really, I'm not too picky as long as there's chemistry and we can make it make sense.
∅ Sometimes I'm a slash fail, the pronouns scare me, but feel free to poke me if I start slacking.
∅ If I ever give you a tag you're not satisfied with, let me know and I'll change whatever's not cool with you.
∅ All in all, I'm pretty zen and I'm open for anything so feel free to hit me up if you want to get something started.


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